Now It's Thor: Ragnarok's Turn to Tease a Major Marvel Death

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Samuel L. Jackson is circling Stephen King’s Revival. Gotham teases the return of a comic book face to the show. Get a close look at Chris Hemsworth’s ride in Ghostbusters. Plus, Peggy has a bad idea on Agent Carter, an iconic comic location appears in Supergirl, and more The Hunstman 2 footage. Spoilers now!

Thor: Ragnarok

Latino-Review claims to have revealed a key scene from the movie, which sees Hela, the role purportedly going to be filled by Cate Blanchett, cast Thor out of Asgard... but not before she does some major damage as she takes over Asgard. Not only does she destroy Mjolnir during the attack, she also murders Heimdall.


The move makes sense—it’s a big loss for a Thor movie, without having to kill a truly prominent character, and Idris Elba has made it clear that he finds filming Marvel movies torturous. But for now, treat this rumor with a pinch of salt.

xXx 3

Paramount will release the third movie in the franchise as part of an agreement with Vin Diesel’s production company. [Coming Soon]


Entertainment Weekly are reporting that Samuel L. Jackson is in talks to join the Stephen King adaptation. Jackson would play Charles Jacobs, a preacher who begins researching supernatural arts, using the power of electricity, after the death of his wife and child.



Here’s a new poster for this psychological thriller from director Simon Pummell. [Film School Rejects]



Behold, the first official picture of the Ecto-2, the motorbike used by Chris Hemsworth’s secretary/Ghostbuster wannabe Kevin. [CBR]



Here’s a new poster for the film—head to the link to see many more. [CBR]


The Huntsman: Winter’s War

There’s some new footage to be found in this extended TV spot.


Producer John Stephens says the show’s version of Azrael will both be familiar and new:

It will be identifiable as Azrael in all respects, just a version of him we’ve not seen before, which is the point of doing these! How can we do the character with a fresh twist?



The X-Files

Lauren Ambrose still has hopes for a spinoff that features Agents Einstein and Miller.

Chris Carter has said that an Einstein-Miller spinoff isn’t officially in the works, but it’s also not off the table. Any update on that front?

Not from my agents, no. [Laughs] All I know is it was a great place to work, and I would love to do more. I love working with Chris and David and Gillian [Anderson]. They’re all amazing, talented people… and I would like nothing more than to do more.


[TV Line]

Twin Peaks

Deadline has a round up of rumors they’ve heard about the series, including this bullet-point roundup.

  • I hear Las Vegas will be a major setting.
  • Like he did in the original series, I hear co-creator Mark Frost will likely make a cameo.
  • I hear new cast addition Jennifer Jason Leigh may be playing the mysterious Judy.
  • I also hear fellow Twin Peaks newcomers James Belushi and Robert Knepper may be playing brothers.
  • Additionally, rumor is that Catherine E. Coulson, who played the beloved log lady in the original, may have filmed a handful of scenes before her death in September. It’s unclear if they would be used.


The show will premiere April 19th on the CW. [TV Line]

Agent Carter

Peggy has a terrible idea in a new clip from “Life of the Party”.


Finally, a new image from “Solitude” has been released. Unsurprisingly given the title, it features the first appearance of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude on the show. []


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Thor: The Dark World.


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