Now Disney Owns Indiana Jones, Too

After Disney swallowed up Marvel and consumed Lucasfilm, we thought they'd be prying the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount's cold dead hands. But not so — Paramount has signed over the rights. Congratulations Disney, you now own everything we love.

Variety is reporting that this new deal gives Disney distribution and marketing rights to all future Indiana Jones films. Meanwhile, Paramount will keep their distribution rights for the first four Indiana Jones films and will have "financial participation" on all future films as well.


Which means, Disney is going to make an Indiana Jones 5 movie and soon, while Harrison Ford still has the use of his knees. This all kind of makes sense when you think about the recent rumors that Ford wouldn't agree to reprise his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars franchise until Disney and Lucasfilm guaranteed him another Indiana part. Well played, sir. In return we offer you this deal, we're not paying for your next Indiana movie until you kick Shia LaBeouf the hell out of it.

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