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November 6th
The Box
Don't press the button! Don't press the but- Oh. Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly gathers James Marsden and Cameron Diaz for this uber-Twilight Zone story about a mysterious stranger who offers the end to a couple's woes as long as they agree to press a button on a box... that'll kill a stranger. Oh, the moral dilemmas!

The Fourth Kind
It's the unofficial sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind as Milla Jojovich plays a therapist dealing with survivors of alien abductions (which are, apparently, close encounters of the fourth ki - Oh, you're there already). The movie claims to be based on real-life video footage, but feel free to take that with a Blair Witch-sized piece of salt.

The Men Who Stare At Goats
Adapted from the non-fiction reporting of British journalist Jon Ronson, George Clooney's new film goes inside the more-than-slightly ridiculous world of a US military unit dedicated to investigating possible uses for telepathy and psychic powers in warfare. Yes, there really is goat staring involved... as well as Kevin Spacey as a runaway psychic and Ewan MacGregor as the reporter who's out to tell the world about the whole thing.


November 13th
The end of the world is very nigh in Roland Emmerich's disaster porn to beat all disaster porn. John Cusack, in a part that screams "Nicolas Cage was busy" is one man trying to hold his family together as every prophecy about the world ending in December 2012 simultaneously comes true, and we all marvel at the work of the special effects folk.

November 20th
Planet 51
As if Monsters Vs. Aliens wasn't enough, here comes another cute CG movie about tolerance and cute aliens, with voice stars including Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long and Seann William Scott. Call us cynical, but only the involvement of Gary Oldman gives us that much hope about this one.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Be warned: You only have two months to prepare for the next Twilight movie, in which werewolves come into the equation and the boys take their shirts off. Or something. The controversial (Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was fired from the franchise and replaced on this movie by The Golden Compass' Chris Weitz, and there was fan outcry when Taylor Lautner, who played best friend Jacob in the first movie looked to be replaced as well - he wasn't) second movie offers less Robert Pattinson and, hopefully, less teen angst, than the first, but also more special effects and topless lupine thrills. But will that be enough to keep the faithful happy? Two months until we find out and counting.

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Annalee Newitz

I think the dark, sparkly part of my adolescent girl self who loved unicorns is causing me to get excited about New Moon.