Novel About an Exorcism Reality Show Will Be a Movie

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We’re once again entering the world of movie studios buying rights to a book before it even comes out. In this case, it’s Focus Features getting ahold of Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts, due out June 2nd.

The premise is not only interesting, but seems well-suited for adaptation to a visual medium: a family has to deal with the 14-year-old daughter shows signs of mental illness. As you do, the parents turn to the local Catholic priest for help, which leads them to an exorcist. In order to pay for the exorcist’s help, the family agrees to be part of a reality TV show called The Possession. The show becomes a hit, and the viewers at home get more than they expected.

The reality show angle is really fascinating, since the Deadline story also says that people think the whole show is a hoax. How much this family is being taken advantage of does seem to be a big issue, and it seems like the in-universe doubters are going to be put in their place.


Deadline says that Focus is looking to have the script written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.

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In order to pay for the exorcist’s help...

What, you have to pay for an exorcist? I thought the church’s tax free status was to offset the cost of these things. Or is he a freelancer?

This could be more good than bad. The involvement of Focus Features gives hope. But I’m good and sick and tired of movies where doubters are Put In Their Place. Ghosts, devils, angels, etc. are just made up crap that we’re watching for fun, right?

Grumble. Guess I’ll go back to watching Requiem. But a movie about a girl who is not possessed is such a downer.