Notorious British Serial Killer Still Alive But Probably Going Blind

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The serial killer known as the "Yorkshire Ripper" can add "is probably going blind" to his list of health ailments.


The Daily Mail reports:

Peter Sutcliffe has been told he could lose what remains of his sight within a year. The murderer, who is already blind in one eye after a prison attack, was said to be "extremely upset" when he was told he has a severe condition linked to diabetes.


Sutcliffe, now 68, killed 13 women (and attempted to kill seven more) between 1975 and 1980; he's serving 20 life sentences at a high-security psychiatric hospital. He was dubbed "the Yorkshire Ripper" because (like Jack the Ripper) he targeted sex workers, claiming he heard "voices from God commanding him to kill prostitutes."

As an aside, he nearly lost sight in his one good eye five years ago in yet another altercation, in which a fellow inmate stabbed him in the face while screaming "I'll teach you for killing all those women!" (Don't get too excited, though; Sutcliffe's assailant was in jail for murdering his own mother.)

Sutcliffe remains one of the Britain's highest-profile serial-killers. His crimes (and the lengthy police investigation into them) inspired David Peace's Red Riding Quartet novels, themselves the basis for the excellent Red Riding trilogy of crime-drama films.

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Not in anyway fun fact: The voice recording turned out to be from a hoax call, it put the investigation back massively even leading to police dropping Sutcliffe himself from their suspect list.

They only caught the hoaxer a few years ago (There's actually a bit in Bryan Talbot's Alice In Sunderland about it)

Edit to add: ok, not just the voice message, the letters as well, the bloody dick wipe...…