Notorious anti-vaccination crusader Jenny McCarthy will have a new platform to air her destructive, unscientific opinions on The View, and the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait is horrified.


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I honestly don't get why people are so suspicious of scientists in general. Are people really that paranoid that they believe that scientists and doctors are lying to them as some sort of plot to something, something...?

Or do they think that all of our scientific knowledge that we've amassed over the 10,000 years or so of our civilizations is really just mumbo jumbo and all of our scientists are idiots?

Or is it a matter that people believe that drug companies are evil (they are) and they'd rather cut a cheap vaccine than perfect some magic miracle vaccine that causes no side effects ever? And if that's the case, wouldn't more government funding for oversight and inspection (or nationalization of vaccine R&D, manufacturing, and distribution) be a more rational response than "I'll risk my kid getting TB, HPV, polio or what not because there's a <1% chance he may have a serious side effect?"