Nothing to see here, just three ladies doing some hardcore particle physics

Bubble chamber images like the one pictured below, which capture the movement of subatomic particles, are some of the most striking in all of science — but who among us could actually make sense of these ramified loops, lines and curls?

These women could. They're some of the world's first "particle hunters," helping identify some of the earliest species in the subatomic menagerie that is the particle zoo. Says Brookhaven National Lab:

In today's great physics experiments, global computing grids do a lot of the heavy lifting as scientists seek fundamental breakthroughs like the fabled Higgs boson. But five decades ago, similar discoveries required that researchers spend hours manually sifting through actual photographs of subatomic wreckage. These ladies are doing just that: looking through the bubble tracks of yesteryear's cutting-edge experiments and identifying fundamental photographic gold.


Pretty baller if you ask us.

[BrookhavenLab via Lizzie Wade]

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