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Nothing says "Our civilization is doomed" like the first Smurfs teaser trailer

Illustration for article titled Nothing says Our civilization is doomed like the first Smurfs teaser trailer

We had held out hope that the live action Smurfs movie would be fun for all ages, like the NYC-set fantasy film Enchanted. Instead we got more chipmunks. At least there's a Neil Patrick Harris intro.


Did you hear what they did? By mixing the Smurf theme song and "Wild Thing," they made Smurfs cool, right? Don't forget to check out the film's website, Smurfhappens. GET IT? GET IT? Smurf=shit.


See you all in the theaters July 29 2011.

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The most amazing part about this is Hollywood wrings it's hands, blames everything from piracy to video games and wonders why in the hell they're in a god-damned slump.