What happens when your quirky new coffee table turns out to be an alien artifact that can transcend space and time? Find out, in this goofy new web series.

Yep, it's another scifi comedy series from Seattle geek auteur Scotto Moore. It took 60 people three years to make this series, from the first script ideas to the finished product. And it makes for a fun, lo-fi scifi comedy.


Here's the synopsis:

A family discovers that their new coffee table is actually an ancient alien artifact, and they inadvertently activate it, sending their entire house hurtling through the void – with them inside it, of course. The show centers on their struggle to get home with no understanding of how the artifact actually works, while defending themselves from various aliens who ring the doorbell looking to take the coffee table off their hands.


You can watch the first fifteen episodes for free on the Coffee Table website. Moore and the cast and crew will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon to finish off the series!