Nothing is more badass than a Chinese martial arts steampunk movie

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Tai Chi 0 is the latest martial arts flick from the Huayi brothers (Kung Fu Hustle). Directed by Stephen Fung and choreographed by mastermind Sammo Hung, it brings steampunk to China. Why haven't we seen stories about big gears and coal engines rampaging across the world's most up-and-coming industrial powerhouse before? Now you'll never want to see anything else.


Here's the synopsis:

A gifted child with a fleshy growth on his forehead travels far to learn Tai Chi and eventually becomes a master. He then faces an army of steampunk invaders and must protect the villagers.


The release date is tentatively set for 2013.

Spotted on Quiet Earth!

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looks like no one related to Kung Fu Hustle is actually working on this.. other then one of the producers (Huayi Brothers Studios).