Even with an estimated 125-140 thousand of the world's fans quarantined in San Diego for the weekend, it seems that The Dark Knight still maintained his grip on the nation's consciousness for the second weekend in a row. The movie's $75.6 million weekend take means that it has now set yet another box office record. And if you think that's impressive, wait until you see what it did outside of America.With the latest Batman movie having had the most successful first sixteen days of release ever (beating Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Curse, the previous record-holder, with an estimated take around $314 million), it's now comfortably in the realm of ridiculously successful for studio Warner Bros. To put its success in some perspective, the movie's box office take this weekend alone is seven times higher than the opening weeknd take of X-Files: I Want To Believe and $13 million higher than the entire gross to date of Mamma Mia. Of course, if Meryl Streep had beaten up her mother earlier in the week, that story may be somewhat different. Internationally, the box office domination of The Dark Knight is just as pronounced; Variety reports that the foreign box office of the movie was larger than the cumulative take of the next four most popular movies, despite the movie not yet having been released in key markets like France, Germany and Japan. With numbers like this, it's fair to say that Chris Nolan is probably mulling over just how far he can push his luck when Warners comes to ask what it'll take to make a third Batman movie with Christian Bale. Our advice, Chris? Demand that you won't do it until they give you your own small tropical island. We all know that they'll try and find some way to make it happen. 'Dark Knight' rules second weekend [Hollywood Reporter] 'Dark Knight' reigns overseas [Variety]


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