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Nothing about this Hercules movie even slightly resembles Hercules

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When creating his Hercules: The Legend Begins movie, it appears that director Renny Harlin carefully researched every bit of the Hercules myth... so he could cross it all out and avoid doing any of it. Seriously, watch this trailer. HE'S A GODDAMNED GLADIATOR, PEOPLE.


He even has a whip of electricity for some reason! This shit makes the terrible Clash of the Titan remake look authentic and avant garde.

As insane as it is to type, it appears that Brett Ratner's Hercules movie — the one starring The Rock — is going to be the good one. Because even if his Hercules is also not going to do anything but rip-off 300, Samson and Gladiator, at least he'll be wearing the Nemean lion skin while he's doing it. Still, I can't imagine even Brett Ratner getting so much wrong. I mean, sure, X-Men 3 sucked, but at least he put them in the right goddamned time period.


[Via Coming Soon]

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Alex Cranz

I mean, if we want to get technical this version does get one thing right. The Romans WOULD have called him Hercules, versus the Greek Heracles.