The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray/DVD comes out on December 4th, and while it won't contain deleted scenes or a director's cut, it will be packed with behind-the-scenes features and concept art. And, as we get closer to the release date, a few bits of those extras have ended up online.

You can read the entire list of bonus features over at Business Insider, and some of them sound downright fantastic‚ÄĒespecially the hour-long documentary about the history of the Batmobile, featuring Adam West.

As for what's available online, here's what we've seen so far. If you've spotted any other Dark Knight Rises bonus features, drop a link in the comments.

A Girl's Gotta Eat: Anne Hathaway and Christopher Nolan talk Catwoman.

[via Collider]

Gameday Destruction: How the special effects team blew up the football field.

[via Collider]

Bane Concept Art:


[via Screencrush]

Gotham's Reckoning: Tom Hardy on how he bulked up to play Bane.

[via CinemaBlend]


Batman vs Bane: A feature about the fight between Batman and Bane (images from the shooting of the scene are embedded below:

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[via Flicks and Bits]

Return to the Batcave: What went into making the Batcave, including this time-lapse video of its construction: