Not To Be Left Out, The Flash And Green Arrow Are Getting Redesigns Too

It's redesign-apalooza over at DC comics ahead of their soft reboot this summer. We've been treated to Wonder Woman's badass new look and the Iron Batman already, but here's our first look at the all-new threads of The Flash and Green Arrow. Let's get this out of the way: Only one of these guys got off lightly.

Exclusively revealed by Topless Robot yesterday, the designs will be phased in for both The Flash #41 and Green Arrow #41 this June, after DC is done with its crossover event Convergence. Neither solicit, which you can read below, gives an explanation for why Barry and Ollie upgraded their clothes, but presumably they got jealous of everyone else doing it and thought they'd partake in a sartorial shakeup:

THE FLASH #41 - Professor Zoom is back, and he's not alone! Who's along for the ride to kill the fastest man alive? Find out here!

GREEN ARROW #41 - Green Arrow returns to Seattle to find the city in chaos! What's causing this destruction, and can Ollie stop it before it spreads beyond the city?


As you can see, even though it ditches the leather material in favor of a more typically comic-book spandex, Barry's new suit shares a few elements the The Flash TV show's costume — the two-toned reds and the lightning bolt motif all over. The all-gold boots are a little weird looking compared to the rest of the suit, but suffice to say Mr. Allen is looking as sharp as he is fast.

But Ollie... oh, Ollie. What went wrong?

With a get-up that's a little more Smallville Oliver Queen than it is Arrow Oliver Queen, Green Arrow's look keeps the sleeveless hoodie look of his New 52 design but ditches most of the armored elements in favor of a few superfluous belts and... cargo pants? I'm not really sure what's going on in the lower half of this outfit other than the fact that it looks like Ollie gave up halfway through the process of dressing himself. And the hair, good lord. Gone are the shorter locks of the New 52 era Ollie, replaced with a slicked back mullet-ish look that I'm pretty sure could go toe-to-toe with Arrow's atrocious/hilarious "Flashback Ollie" wig in a contest for the worst hairstyle ever worn by an archer of undetermined viridian hue.


Who's next for makeover in the DC Universe? Only time will tell — we've got a few more months for DC to show off their roster's new wardrobes, after all.

UPDATE: Patrick Zircher, the artist behind the Green Arrow cover, took to twitter to confirm that several of the covers released by DC yesterday were in fact incomplete concept designs and are subject to change (GA writer Ben Percy also confirmed that for Green Arrow specifically, someone else applied the colour to Zircher's art with an incorrect colour pallet). Thanks to JonAnon for the heads up!


[Via Comic Book]


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