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Edgar Wright confirms we'll meet Hank Pym in Ant-Man

Illustration for article titled Edgar Wright confirms well meet Hank Pym in emAnt-Man/em

The other day, Joss Whedon revealed that Avengers: Age of Ultron won't feature Ultron's creator, mad scientist Hank Pym. Just now, we were interviewing Edgar Wright about his new film The World's End, and he told us that we will, indeed, meet Hank Pym in Wright's Ant-Man movie.


This isn't exactly a huge bombshell — we'd sort of assumed that Pym would turn up in Ant-Man. But given that Wright has described Ant-Man as a film about a "badass secret agent" in the past, it seems reasonable to imagine the film's main character will be Scott Lang, the reformed criminal who inherits the Ant-Man headgear and identity. You could theoretically do an Ant-Man movie in which Scott Lang gets the Ant-Man gear from Stark International, where he actually worked at one point in the comics. Or just have him find it in a storage locker on the SHIELD helicarrier, the way Eric O'Grady did.


So there you have it — Hank Pym not in Avengers 2, but in Ant-Man, which comes out later the same year.

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Not sure why there is such a desire to have Hank Pym in any movie? He was always a bit player on the Avengers. Plus, he wasn't a very nice guy in the Ultimates.

I just see the potential for another Daredevil or Elektra type movie here.