Not Sure What's Worse, Evil Space Dogs Or Their Plush Counterparts

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Puppy astronauts THAT TALK are trying to take over space, and rule the world. Don't let their kiddie voices and golden retriever faces fool you — these things are evil, and they must be stopped. Disney's new direct-to-DVD romp, Space Buddies (like Air Bud, I'm assuming) must be stopped before it gives the rest of canine creation ideas about taking over the world. Just look — they're offering plush toys with every DVD purchase. No good can come of this, plus the space-dogs fart when you "pull their paws." If scifi lore has taught us anything, we must be wary of farting space creatures.

Here's a clip:

See trailer for more details.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

How bad must this be if it is direct to DVD?