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Not A Doll Sheds A Light On Dollhouse's True Meaning

Illustration for article titled Not A Doll Sheds A Light On Dollhouses True Meaning

As Dollhouse speeds towards its final episodes, the show's online fanbase is already moving on... Or, at least, shifting their efforts from activism about the show to activism about what the show's about.


The new Not A Doll site is from the same person behind Why I Watch, but instead of focusing on convincing more people to tune in, it has more important subjects to discuss:

We know what you're thinking.

You've had a long day, you're tired. You'd like to relax. You'd really rather not be disturbed. This world is too real and too sad, and things are too broken for any of us to fix it. No one wants the weight of the world on his shoulders. But here comes the plot twist... Just as you kick back, remote in hand, your entertainment catches you off-guard. These characters and their stories hit too close to reality: a girl without identity, contracted to unassailable powers, wiped of self, then sold to fullfill another's fantasy. Is this science fiction or a reminder of the 640,000 souls who are truly missing?

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse has captivated and inspired us. It has moved us to tears and then spurred us to action. We may root for Echo and Sierra, Victor and November, but what of the countless, the nameless, the real ones? This site is for them.


Addressing the issues behind the show more directly than the show itself managed for the majority of its run, the site was created "to inspire, to raise funds, and to organize" around, as the site's FAQ says,

the very real issues of human trafficking, poverty, oppression against women and children, the loss of self, and the negation of human rights. These are all issues that Dollhouse touches upon and as its audience, we have been compelled to attract greater attention to these very real monsters and find ways to combat them here and now.

While the show may have had a short and controversial life, it's heartwarming to see it inspiring this kind of thing - or even Ditch The Tech, the fan-created ARG also from Not A Doll's creator - from those who enjoyed the show. If only the show had inspired the same passion in Fox executives...


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

When you get promoted to "executive" at FOX, they have you shipped to Tijuana for a "vacation."

While there, a team of unlicensed surgeons removes your passion and implants it with a specialized computer that instantly translates Nielsen numbers into dollars. It should go without saying that these computers have not been updated to include time shifted numbers, but a few of them do have algorithms for DVD sales.