Nostalgia for 1970s Indian Superheroes

We all get nostalgic for the superheroes we grew up watching on TV or reading in comic books. That's why I have a soft spot in my heart for Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman. io9's Jeff VanderMeer has just posted on his blog about his own superhero nostalgia trip with 1970s comic books, featuring traditional heroes from Hindu tales. Growing up in the Fiji Islands, the little VanderMeer was lucky enough to have access to books like these (more titles pictured below), as well as Western fare like Spider-Man.

Here's a shot inside one of the books, with lots of hyperbolic yelling and green people who are not related to the Hulk.


And here's a great set of comics which show the range of titles.

There's a lot more on VanderMeer's blog. Check out the whole crazy set, including pictures of ads from the inside front cover. Oh my.

Old Indian Comics from the 1970s [Ecstatic Days]


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