When it comes to pop culture art, there’s a fine line between cute and annoying. Lots of artists turn characters or actors into non-threatening, sweet version of themselves but you can go too far. Jeff Victor doesn’t. And he tows that line by blending in a heft dose of nostalgia.

We’ve covered some of this before. Victor is best known for his “Evolution” pieces, which take famous actors or characters and show them throughout the years. Here are just a few.



Robin Williams

Samuel L. Jackson

Marty McFly

Alan Rickman

And now, if you like Victor’s work, you can check out his Kickstarter where he’s funding his new book, called “Adorkable: The Art of Jeff Victor.”


In there you’ll find those “Evolution” pieces, as well as characters with a more traditional, fan art spin.

For more on Victor, check out his official site.

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