Norway's massive Troll cover-up exposed!

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There just aren't enough serious movies about trolls (Best Worst Movie aside). Thankfully, Norway is remedying this shortage with an interesting mockumentary Troll Hunter.

Troll Hunter

Twitch directed our attention to this fascinating troll picture. Directed by Andre Ovredal, this Norwegian movie is a mockumentary all about Norway's secret dealings with trolls. Shot shaky-cam style with Jurassic Park references (apparently the government keeps the giant beasts restrained in a forest preserve behind giant electric fences). Anyways, here's the first gorgeous troll shot from the film, and a new trailer.


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Illustration for article titled Norways massive Troll cover-up exposed!

[Afrenposten via Twitch]


Next up is the Mexican film Seres, which was just picked up by 24 Frames. It's got all the great elements required for a good alien adventure: lights, spaceships, creepy little children aliens and hostile beings. The film will be released in Mexico on September 17th.


Here's the official synopsis:

When a young girl is found amid the wreckage of an accident caused by an alien craft, Mariel (Alejandra Barros), head of a secretive division of a high tech conglomerate investigating the paranormal, must solve the riddle of a frightening message the girl delivers which suggests humanity is on the verge of extermination by a hostile alien force. This is the first part of a trilogy. Seres: Génesis is the beginning, Seres: Evolution will mark the future for our kind and Seres: Extinction will reveal our destiny.

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