Norway's First Giant Monster Is An Egg With a Huge Tongue

When you think of Norway, you think of good things: pickled herring, black metal, Nazi zombie movies. And now this fine nation has its own giant monster, whose face you can see for the first time in this trailer.

The disappointing thing for everybody who was hoping for a battle with this giant egg is that this is just a test trailer. No full-length movie is planned! WTF, right?


As trailer-maker Geir Are Mo explains:

I'm actually a musician and me and a friend [Jan R. Bakken] have a band to make silly and weird music just for the fun of it. At one point it all evolved into a [pseudo] religion, made up out of dumb lyrics and themes, where we were supposed to pray to forks (yeah, the thing you eat with. In Norway, it's called Gaffel). Later I recorded a song called "The Mortal Egg That Eats Me" . . .

Anyway, as a joke we decided to make the Eggs a mythical gigantic creature in the "gaffismic religion" we created - so that's where it all started. We later thought about how cool it would've been if it was in a giant monster movie. So last summer [Jan] came over to my house. We filmed a few shots around the farm where I live and later that night I finished the trailer.


Our pals over at monster blog Undead Backbrain are just as sad as you are that this isn't a feature yet, given the paucity of Scandinavian giant monsters. Luckily, you can listen to Geir Are Mo's band for more egg madness.

via Undead Backbrain, via Avery Battles!

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Jack B. Quick

WTF?! Some times you really surprise me, Annalee. I'll have to get started on a giant mutated herring film to top this.