North Korea built a candy-colored dystopian water park

It's like something out of The Prisoner. Trying to bolster the crumbling myth of North Korea's national prosperity, the Pyongyang regime has built a creepy water park.

As the Washington Post explains:

Premiere Pak Pong Ju delivered a speech at the ceremony, arguing, in typically North Korean style, that the water park proves that everyone should do whatever Kim Jong Un says at all times. "The water park is the edifice built thanks to Korean Peoples' Army service personnel’s spirit of devotedly carrying out any project and their fighting traits as they are ready to flatten even a high mountain at a go in hearty response to the order of the supreme commander," he said, adding that park employees should "glorify forever Kim Jong Un’s leadership exploits."


There's even a lifesize statue of deceased leader Kim Jong-Il in the lobby:

Check out more photos below, and even more over at the Washington Post.


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