North Korea blows up the U.S. Capitol building in this latest batshit crazy propaganda video

North Korea, in a hilariously absurd act of chest pounding fury, has released a four-minute propaganda clip depicting the White House under attack. Entitled, "Firestorms Will Rain on the Headquarters of War," the video is yet another example of the disturbing — and seemingly inexplicable — rhetoric that's suddenly pouring out of Pyongyang.


The video was uploaded to North Korea's YouTube channel on Tuesday. Just before the 3:00 mark, the video shows the White House caught in a crosshair, along with (poorly) imagined explosions at the Capitol building and an apparent U.S. aircraft carrier.

The video also showcases an array of different weapons that we're to assume are at North Korea's disposal, including artillery guns and large missiles on display at military parades.

And according to CNN, the voiceover announces that the "capital of war "is within range of its atomic bomb."

It's not entirely clear what North Korea hopes to achieve with such a video, though it recently declared its interest in a "preemptive" nuclear strike against the United States. And yesterday's cyberattack on South Korea had Pyongyang written all over it.

One possibility is that this eye-rollingly awful sabre rattling is like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum; it's a way to get attention. North Korea has used scare tactics before to get what it wants. Given the deplorable conditions in the country right now, and the ongoing sanctions set against it, this seems entirely plausible.

Moreover, it's not clear if this video has been shown to North Korean citizens. This might be something that's strictly meant to garner international attention.



It's getting old. I'm not for starting anything but heck we might as well just get it over with.

It's obvious they're a paper tiger, with outdated equipment, no logistics, and little (useful) training (I'm sure they train all day but not against anything like what they would face). My Army travels took me to Bosnia, where we met and worked with our former cold war 'enemies' the Poles. Great people, bad ass soldiers, I would fight next to a Pole any day. But when you went on patrols with them, you could never reach them by radio because their Warsaw training had told them that turning a radio on = instant death from the sky.

Their ideology blinds them to facts, so they will be operating with faulty intelligence. Look at the recent exercise where Un 'supervised' shooting down an enemy Tomahawk. They don't have one to practice against, so how would they know? Someone pressed a button and said, "There, I did it." Even if it worked, I'm pretty sire we have more Tomahawks than they have ant-Tomahawk missiles to shoot them down with, or even bullets of that's what they think they're going to use. Coming from a nation of privation, indoctrinated into the greatness of the military, they are blind to how vulnerable they are. They haven't waged an actual war since 1953, all the practice in the world is nothing compared to the real thing.

In numbers sure they look huge. Look around the back and you'll see that the whole thing is stuck together with rotting tape. The moment it tries to actually move, it will fall apart. Supply lines and communications will end so fast they won't even understand what's happening. They will use artillery to a devastating effect, at first, with a terrible and regrettable loss of life. But to use your artillery is to lose it. Their military would be in shambles within days. Command won't be able to reach their troops, and the troops won't be able to operate without their commanders. American soldiers can think for themselves, improvise, and know their enemy. DPRK troops cannot think or work independently, and decision making is based on ideology not facts. If you can't accurately analyze your battlefield, you're done. They'll be lost in days.

The real problem is WMDs, which they have and would almost certainly use. That could be terrible, even horrifying. Which is why I'm not advocating starting anything with them. But if it's got to happen eventually, I feel confident that we can handle it and we might as well just get it over with. Clean up the aftermath, mourn losses, and slowly reintroduce a country of utterly bewildered people to the 21st Century.