Norm Breyfogle, The Indelible Batman Artist, Deserves Your Support

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Norm Breyfogle was one of the artists who changed Batman forever. And now, he's suffered a stroke that affected the left side of his body, including his drawing arm. His family is raising money to help pay his medical expenses, and Comic Book Resources explains why anyone who believes in heroes should help.


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I see these kinds of things pop up from time to time, people desperately trying to raise money for essential care or life saving surgery, and it makes me ever more grateful for our NHS.

Having a life changing illness is bad enough without having to worry about paying for the treatment. My brother was paralysed in a motorcycle accident in 1984. He spent the rest of his life (he died three years ago from cancer of all things) in and out of hospital with a plethora of illnesses, kidney stones, septicimia - you name it, he had it. He had dozens of operations and procedures done and none of it cost us a penny. To have gone through all that and have to worry about paying for it too would be enough to drive one to despair, even more so than the situation demanded anyway.

I hope this chap gets the care he needs, and I hope all the politicians who constantly vote to spend trillions on weapons while denying the population proper healthcare will one day see the light and realise the error of their ways.