After changing its name again, having a new lead cast and having the number of sequels go from one to three, Ridley Scottā€™s upcoming Alien: Covenant has another change in store: Prometheus actress Noomi Rapace isnā€™t returning for more Xenomorph adventures.

We already know that the sequel film will take place a decade after the events of Scottā€™s uneven sorta-kinda-not-a-prequel film set in his Alien universe, and it looks like when we saw Dr. Elizabeth Shaw blast off from LV-223, itā€™s the last time any of us get to see her.

This makes a bit of sense: thereā€™s been some re-writes, and given the name change, it seems like Fox is more than willing to let the idea of a separate Prometheus franchise die off, and simply go back to the franchise that they should have just stuck with in the first place.

The film is rumored to have a crew come across a ā€˜paradiseā€™-like world where the android David is the only inhabitant. Itā€™s an interesting premise, and itā€™s possible that Rapaceā€™s disappearance owes more to the story than the actressā€™s willingness to appear in the sequel. Either way, itā€™ll be interesting to see just how sheā€™s written out of the story.

Alien: Covenant is due out in theaters on October 6th, 2017.

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