Image: Rapace in Prometheus, Fox
Image: Rapace in Prometheus, Fox

Noomi Rapace is going to star in a new science fiction thriller called Boy. Despite having a profoundly dull name—which will also be completely ungoogleable—the movie actually sounds like it should be good.


Boy has an already acclaimed script from Mattson Tomlin and has Danish director Jonas Arnby (When Animals Dream) on board. The plot focuses on a child with amazing powers who is kept safe by being constantly moved. As always happens, his secret is discovered and he is blamed for a local tragedy, leading to him and his mother to run from the police and get the help of an underground rebellion.

The Variety story doesn’t actually say what role Rapace is playing, but if she’s starring, I’m betting she’s the mom. It’s always nice to see an original science fiction movie, but there are enough similarities to Midnight Special here that I wonder if it will suffer the same fate: positive reviews, low box office.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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