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Noomi Rapace to headline in the "doomed septuplet" movie

Illustration for article titled Noomi Rapace to headline in the doomed septuplet movie

The dystopian movie What Happened to Monday, centered around a pack of illegal septuplets, just got its star. Noomi Rapace has joined the scifi drama set in a future where each family is only allowed one child, so naturally a family of septuplets is doomed.


Written by Max Botkin and directed by Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) the film stars Rapace as seven identical twin sisters, who must stay hidden in an overpopulated world. The movie was originally going to be about twin brothers, but Wirkola was reportedly blown away by Rapace's performance.

[via Deadline]

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Seems to me if every family is only allowed one child, and presumably there are families that are biologically unable to have children, then shouldn't there be a family waiting for each and every Noomi Rapace? And if this government is so powerful that it can regulate this stuff, how come it's taken them however old Noomi Rapace is to find them? Are they all pretending to be the same person or something?