According to Chef Cui Runquan, young people in China no longer want to take jobs as noodle shavers, so he created the "Chef Cui" robot to handle the slicing duty in noodle shops. Now, he has an entire army of Ultraman-ish robot slicers, and they look poised for a delicious robot uprising.


For around $1,500 USD, a shop can purchase a Chef Cui bot, which makes the machines far more economical than hiring a human chef for around $4,700 USD a year. It's great if the robots are filling a position that has been vacated by human workers in favor of other jobs, and perhaps the most curious thing about Chef Cui is seeing a humanoid robot in the workplace where we're so used to seeing faceless machines.

But did Cui have to make his robots look so downright angry? Between that glare and the flashing eyes, they look most unhappy to be shaving those noodles. And when you see a group of them working in the same room, they look like a robot army that has just taken its very first steps toward world domination. They question is: how will noodles factor into the robot uprising?

[via DVICE via Geekologie]

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