Nonstop lightning storm turns the Wisconsin sky into an electric apocalypse

Last night an epic storm blew through Wisconsin. According to Menasha resident Jon Baas, hundreds of nonstop lightning flashes lit up the sky for an hour. Wisconsinites also contended with with high winds, rain, and hailstones the size of baseballs.


Did any Wisconsin io9ers see the storm last night? And if so, how was it on a scale from 1 to "Warpship Materializing In Earth's Atmosphere?"

[Jon Baas via The Presurfer]

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Funny, it was allegedly the "first nice day" back home, according to my friend, and then this.

Not that I'm sure he'd complain. We're both huge fans of massive storms like this. Hmmm... pretty far north. Probably didn't cause much excitement in Milwaukee.