Nonstop Is Lost Meets Aliens

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"Flight 209" may not have the pop cultural ring of Lost's Flight 815, but that'll all change when audiences discover Nonstop, a new alien abduction movie from the people behind the Underworld movies.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nonstop - produced by Underworld and Underworld Evolution director Len Wiseman and directed by Underworld: Rise of the Lycans director Patrick Tatopoulos - centers on the abduction of a plane by aliens, and what happens to the passengers and crew afterwards (Somehow, I suspect "terror" and "adventure" may be involved, but would be happily surprised by "Nothing too horrific, but the aliens happen to make lovely croissants"). Dreamworks have signed on as studio, but no release date or cast have been announced yet.

'Nonstop' goes forward at DreamWorks [Hollywood Reporter]

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Oh, I get it, Mars! Clever!

Wasn't there a movie a few years ago about people being abducted off doomed planes and taken to the future or something?