Non-scifi TV shows you should be watching, according to Comic-Con

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, fans are startled to find that programming includes TV series like Glee and Dexter. SDCC organizers say these are shows that fans "will enjoy." Check out this year's titles and see if you agree.

I'm not sure why all of these shows are appearing at SDCC later this month, though there are obvious reasons in some cases. The top two reasons for a non-genre show making a bow at SDCC seem to be 1) it features a beloved genre actor (like Nathan Fillion in Castle); or 2) it involves scientists who geek out a lot, or people who are geeky in some other way (like the nerds in Glee). Recently, SDCC rep David Glanzer told Entertainment Weekly:

There may be programs that film and TV fans will enjoy, but our hope is that they'll also take part in some of the comics stuff. If we can get someone in for Glee and they discover something else, then we have fulfilled our mission.


Without further ado, are some of the non-genre shows that SDCC thinks you'll like, with possible reasons why.

American Dad
It's about a secret CIA agent, which is possibly geeky. It's animation, which is kind of like comics (???). Plus there is an alien.

Weird, sarcastic animated series about a superspy in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union is still active in 2010. Of course this is at SDCC.

Big Bang Theory
There are no aliens or superspies, but this hit comedy about socially-awkward physicists has won the heart of geeks the world over.


Bob's Burgers
An animated sitcom about a guy who owns a burger joint, and his family. Honestly I have no clue why this is at SDCC. Geeks like burgers?

Two things are going for this show: It's all about mega-nerdy forensic scientists, solving weird crimes; and it costars Whedonverse alum David Boreanaz. SDCC win.


Burn Notice
A cult hit about a superspy "burned" by the agency he worked for, and trying to make things right. Serious spy geekery, plus it costars the geek god himself, Bruce Campbell. Major SDCC bait.

Combine Whedonverse alum Nathan Fillion (Captain Tightpants!) with a story about a crime writer teamed up with a crime fighter. Add funny dialogue. Get total awesomeness.


It's the story of an ordinary serial killer, just trying to do his job and deal with family while continuing his killing rampages in peace. There's not much science. But if you think about it, this is really the story of a monster trying to make his way in the world. Kind of like a vampire without all the fangbanging.

Family Guy
Sure it's a funny show, but what makes Family Guy appropriate for SDCC? Like Bob's Burgers, I think this one gets included because SDCC organizers think of comic books when they see animation.


Any show whose fans call themselves "gleeks" deserves a spot at SDCC.

Hawaii Five-O
Why is this here? Is it coasting on "sort of like Burn Notice" credentials? Relying on nerd nostalgia for pop culture of days gone by? Must be BSG alum Grace Park and Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim.


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
This series about a bunch of sadistic losers who lie, cheat, and steal their way into bar money has been a cult favorite. But why is it at SDCC? I really have no idea.

Look Around You
A British show that satirizes kids educational programming, which recently aired on Adult Swim. You must see it to understand the sheer weirdness of it all. Apparently the creators are working on a US spinoff.

A guy with the dubious superpower of "strong observational skills" pretends to be a psychic and helps police solve crimes. Plus it's funny. Psychology geekery places this in the SDCC camp.


Sons of Anarchy
Outlaw motorcycle guys. Um, why is this here? Are any of the characters prone to turning into guys with flaming skulls? No. Motorcycles are sciencey? Hmmm - I'm dubious.

Why is this show at SDCC? If it weren't, there would be a nerd riot. That is all.


The Cleveland Show
Family Guy spinoff. Still not sure why either show is at SDCC.

White Collar
Burn Notice wannabe.

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