Nolan takes us inside Inception's dreamscape, Star Trek 2 gets started, and we may have our new Spidey

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Christopher Nolan and company reveal just enough about Inception to get us positively giddy with excitement. Transformers 3 is taking over the Windy City. Sony might have found its new Peter Parker, provided he untangles some scheduling conflicts. Spoiler central!


According to an interview with the New York Times, director Christopher Nolan started this project with the idea "what if dreams could be shared?", which led examining the ways people could interact in a multitude of alternate universes, each with their own rules and logic. Leonardo DiCaprio says he only understood some of what the film was about, although meeting and talking with Nolan instilled in him the confidence that it would all come together. Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to spend weeks in training for a zero-gravity sequence that recalls Fred Astaire's Royal Wedding and Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


When Nolan discusses the film, he has a tendency to get bogged down in explaining the incredibly complex details of the movie, but he swears that isn't a problem in the film itself. As complex as the universe of the film is, it's all fairly straightforward when seen in context. (Considering what he pulled off in Memento and The Prestige, I'm inclined to trust him on that one.) There are entire scenes that film buffs will think Nolan ripped off from Last Year at Marienbad, something he discovered to his semi-horror when he recently watched that movie for the first time. [New York Times]

Star Trek 2:

We are now less than two years away from the sequel's release date (well, only two days less, but still...less than two years away!) and work has officially started. Fresh off his post-Lost vacation, Damon Lindelof is getting to work on the screenplay with cowriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. [@DamonLindelof]

Also, Fringe costar Lance Reddick (he plays FBI department head Phillip Broyles) is a major Star Trek fan and has been lobbying J.J. Abrams and company for a role since before the first movie came out. Apparently, Abrams has told him there wasn't time to include him before, but they might be able to find a part for him in the sequel. [TrekMovie]

Transformers 3:

According to an official document from a production company helping out with the shoot, Michael Bay and the team are hitting (and I do mean hitting) Chicago in mid-July. There's going to be precision skydivers and low-flying helicopters, and shooting at such locations as the Trump Tower and Plaza, Hotel 71, 35E Wabash, and the roundabout near the Chicago River beside the Wrigley Building and Pioneer Court. Also, Michigan Avenue will be closed to pedestrian traffic from July 15 to 19. (You know, I'm actually visiting Chicago around then. I'd say I'll try and do some snooping, but really I just hope filming doesn't interfere with me getting to watch my Cubs lose to the Phillies. I've got to have priorities here.) [Collecticon dot org]


Spider-Man Reboot:

Everybody have their grains of salt at the ready, but a site is claiming Sony has picked Josh Hutcherson to play Peter Parker in Marc Webb's reboot. Their sources say an offer has been made and everything, which Hutcherson has supposedly accepted. This could be true, I guess - Hutcherson is definitely on the shortlist - but it seems a bit out of nowhere right now, particularly because Hutcherson might have some prior commitments he'd have to get out of before he could play Spidey. We'll get to that in a second. [Blue Sky Disney]


Journey to the Center of the Earth 2:

That's right, Josh Hutcherson might have to turn down Spidey because he's too busy taking over leading man duties from Brendan Frasier. Hutcherson played Frasier's little sidekick in the first movie. If he does have to choose this instead of Spider-Man, at least it won't be a total loss, as Hutcherson explains:

My character is really cool. In the beginning he's going to probably be driving a motorcycle, so it's this whole different character.


Dude, you don't have to tell us your character is cool. He rides a motorcycle. If that doesn't equal movie cool, I don't know what does. Although why only ride it at the beginning? What could be cooler than driving a the center of the Earth!? [CinemaBlend]

Black Lightning:

No, we're not talking about the DC superhero, unfortunately. Instead, it's a remake of a Russian hit movie about a young man who is a genius with cars and turns an old Soviet sedan into a supercharged, flying terror of the Russian mafia. Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov is heading up the effort to get it remade here in the States. [Variety]


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:

Meanwhile, Bekmambetov is also moving ahead with his adaption of Seth Grahame-Smith's latest. He explained what he thinks the movie is all about with this quote that becomes steadily more insane the more you think about it:

This will be a serious but entertaining movie that deals with the most interesting and powerful person of the 19th century within an imaginary scenario that he was also an ax-wielding vampire hunter.


Seriously, does satire even exist anymore? [IGN]


Lance Reddick and Anna Torv were interviewed at the Saturn Awards. Reddick says there's going to be a lot of time spent traveling between universes in the next season, and a lot happens between the two Olivias. Although Leonard Nimoy has retired from acting, he doesn't rule out a return for William Bell, saying anything is possible with J.J. Abrams. Torv says they start shooting next week. [TrekMovie]


Also, the season three premiere will be called "Olivia." [The Ausiello Files]

Doctor Who:

Anyone who thinks Steven Moffat has meticulously plotted out every detail of his first two series as showrunner — something I tend to suspect, because I am unapologetically in the tank for the Moff and think he can do no wrong (although The Beast Below was pushing it) — may be in for a bit of the shock. According to the man himself:

"Not far enough, I think is the answer to that! I've got lots of plans — plans are not nearly as useful as scripts, I find — so I'd like to have more scripts and fewer plans. We're not quite as ahead of the game as we were last time. But it's fine."


[Den of Geek]

None of these are exactly spoilers, but Matt Smith has some thoughts on where he'd like to see the show go. He'd love to have Ian McKellan put in an appearance, saying he'd make a great villain. (Considering the show has already had the likes of Derek Jacobi and Timothy Dalton appear, the idea really isn't all that ridiculous. Plus, maybe Sir Ian wants to redeem himself after that Prisoner fiasco.) He'd also be interested in having acclaimed playwrights Simon Stephens and Joe Pennal have a chance to write episodes. Finally, he says that he's not crazy about the idea of a multi-Doctor episode and there are no plans for one, but if Steven Moffat came up with some brilliant idea to make it work, he'd be up for it. I choose to take that as 100% confirmation the Christmas special is a multi-Doctor extravaganza, as is my wont. [Digital Spy]


Hey, anyone feel like getting needlessly worked up about nothing? Apparently the odds given by British bookies of Matt Smith leaving the show have dropped dramatically. This supposedly signals he's on his way out because "bookies don't usually get things wrong." Of course, their favored replacement is Next Doctor co-star David Morrisey, which pretty much completely contradicts that last sentence completely, because I have never heard a wronger thing in my entire life.


According to IMDB, Dean Winchester actor Jensen Ackles is directing two episodes in the sixth season, not just the one we already heard about. In terms of what this could mean, it's possible those ones will feature a reduced role for Dean, as often happens in episodes directed by cast members, like some of the Adama-light episodes of Battlestar Galactica with Edward James Olmos in the director's chair. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Warehouse 13:

This video has been in the iTunes Store since last week, so it's not exactly new, but it's only now expanding to the wider internets. It's both a handy recap of what happened in the first season and a preview of what lies ahead in the second:

Click to view


Elizabeth Mitchell says filming for the new season begins in August 12, which is early enough that the second season premiere could be in November. She doesn't really have much to say about the next season, but for her general thoughts on the show (including some glowing praise for Alan Tudyk, which should pretty much be required by law), here's the complete video:

Area 51:

Director Oren Peli's latest, which uses a similar "found footage" format as his previous Paranormal Activity, has given out a screenwriting credit to Stephen Susco, writer of The Grudge movies and the upcoming adaptation of the Warren Ellis comic Red. Since Peli directs his movies with very little scripted dialogue and prefers improvisation, it's hard to tell how Susco fits into all this, but the late addition of his credit might mean there were reshoots with him involved. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.

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It is too bad Matt Smith is not too welcoming of a multi-Doctor story, as an initial idea was for him and 10th to share screen time for some fun, as Smith had become a Who fan when Tennant was on.

If " the odds given by British bookies of Matt Smith leaving the show have dropped dramatically," how does that signal him leaving? If the odds drop would not that mean he is staying?

It would be a shame for him to only have two seasons or so, but regardless of that I want Andrew-Lee Potts to be the next Doctor.