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What if the world suddenly lost the ability to go to sleep? What if the population was no longer tired? How long can the people of this hypothetical future function without sleeping? This is the premise of the new Fox series based on the novel Nod.


Deadline is reporting that Fox is adapting Adrian Barnes' Nod. There's a script commitment and Jason Richman (Swing Vote, Bad Company) will be writing the pilot.

It's set in a future world where many members of society no longer sleep because they no longer experience the feeling of being tired. Here's the show's synopsis according to Deadline:

"It revolves around Tanya and Paul, an "inter-somnial" couple – she, Awakened and flourishing, and he, one of the remaining few who are still handicapped by the need for sleep. But when signs of deprivation start to show among the Awakened, the bonds of friendship and love get tested in unexpected ways — because if something seems too good to be true, it probably is."


Sounds wild. Has anyone here read the book? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Will it make for a good TV series?

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