Nocturnal Transmissions: What's Your Irrational Pet Peeve for Fiction?

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This isn't something that makes a work bad, it's just a personal taste you can't explain. Something that will make you refuse to read or watch something no matter how good people tell you it is.

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!), who refuses to read anything with talking animals. They just can't suspend their disbelief enough to get over different species speaking to each other. Doesn't matter if it's Redwall or Animal Farm: If there are talking animals, they're gone.

How about you? What's the thing that will make stop you from even giving a work a chance? This is Nocturnal Transmissions, your nightly open thread.

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For me it's when Eldoridain, Deldaninn, Eldorililai, Deldelveldel and Elvenorinal go off to fight the forces of Th'k'athor, thi'Kil'rath, t'Up'chuk and Tr'i'li'but with the help of Raginemonon, Arthaging, Ramathorilor, Argathingon and Ramalamadingdong.

I have a hard enough time with regular person names that only have a couple of syllables and usually start differently.