Nocturnal Transmissions: Let's All Go to the Movies!

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Sometimes, how good a movie is has nothing to do with the film at all. You can have a great audience. A horrible audience. An audience so bad that they made the experience great. A theater empty of everyone but your friends. What have been your best and/or worst movie-going experiences?


Katharine Trendacosta

I had a two of the most opposite experiences possible in the last few weeks. This past weekend, I had the least responsive audience ever at X-Men: Days of Future Past. I liked the movie, but the audience didn't respond on a single thing onscreen.

The weekend before, I saw Godzilla, which I had only lukewarm feelings about, but the audience was the BEST. They laughed at the things that were ridiculous and they cheered and clapped during the fights. The guy who yelled out "BADASS!" in the silence following one moment is my favorite person ever.

But honestly, my favorite movie experience was probably the time in high school where my friends and I got an empty theater for From Justin to Kelly and live-riffed the whole thing. Awful movie, great time.