Baby aardvarks are adorable. Why did nobody tell me this? It looks like somebody took a sphinx cat, fattened it up, slapped on a pig's nose, swapped in a pair of donkey ears, and... wow, I don't even know how to describe its feet. Doesn't matter. The point is I need ten of them.


Here's the strange thing, though: this little critter was born at Chicago's Brookfield zoo over a month ago, and yet its gender remains a mystery — apparently aardvarks don't develop discernible external genitalia until they're around a year old (see that between its legs? Not a penis. At least not necessarily.)

Illustration for article titled Nobody knows if this baby aardvark is a boy or a girl

That also means this little dude/dudette has no name. But instead of, say, checking its sex chromosomes, everyone's been perfectly content to go on calling the aardvark "He/she/it."

[Via Chicago Tribune and the Brookfield Zoo]

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