We're still hanging out with the insurgents of Onderon on this week's Clone Wars, and the Separatist-allied king is not happy. But while the rebels work to free Onderon's true king, Dendup, Dendup is none too pleased with the terrorist acts performed in his name, nor with the Republic.


Led by Steela, the Onderon rebels are firmly in "win the support of the people" mode, continuing their campaign against the Separatist droid army and shouting their mission statement with 50-foot holograms. King Sanjay Rash has a meeting with his advisors, General Tandin, commander of the Royal Onderon Militia, and Kalani, the tactical droid provided by Count Dooku. Tandin is apparently the only one in the room with a brain, suggesting that King Rash involve the biological military to force the rebels to negotiate. Kalani shoots him down, saying that they can't assume there aren't sympathizers in the militia ranks. Haven't you ever heard of the "Yes, and" approach to meetings, Kalani? Yes, and we should ensure that the rebels can't act without harming a biological soldier. Yes, and we should launch a propaganda campaign to win over the people. But what does this brain trust decide? They announce plans to execute Dendup. Yes, because martyring the old king is a brilliant idea.

When the rebels learn of Dendup's impending execution, Steela and Saw disagree about how to proceed. Steela wants to make a big show of saving Dendup at his execution while Saw, suspecting that's just what the Separatist sympathizers have in mind, wants to rescue Dendup pronto. True to form, he goes off on his own, and gets himself captured. But before he's caught, he has a little chat with Dendup. Initially, Dendup disapproves of the rebel Saw; he's been getting most of his news from King Rash lately and views the rebels as terrorists. He also reveals the sad truth behind the Separatist conquest of Onderon: He could have avoided conquest by allying himself with either the Separatists or the Republic. Not wanting to deal with either corrupt outfit, he failed to make a choice until one was forced on him. Thank you, King Dendup for reminding us once again that the Republic is not the good guy here. But, when Saw mentions that his rebellion is sanctioned by the Jedi, Dendup perks up. Apparently, Jedi make everything better, or at least cooler.


Now that Saw has been captured by Rash's forces, the rebels have two people to rescue at Dendup's execution. Ahsoka has been instructed to sit this one out unless absolutely necessary, and it seems her love triangle has been broken. Lux clearly has it bad for Steela, although she she's a little too busy at present to return his affections.

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Execution day arrives, complete with a weird laser guillotine neck holder thingie. The rebels launch their rescue attack while Ahsoka waits in the crowd, lightsaber at the ready. The tide seems to turn against the rebels as a crew of super battle droids rolls onto the scene. But when King Rash declares victory over the captured rebels, General Tandin has a change of heart, leading the Onderon Militia against Rash and Kalani. Dendup and the rebels escape while Tandin holds King Rash hostage. Rash thinks Tandin is screwed; the moment he releases Rash, the droids will kill him. But Ahsoka intervenes, knocking down the droids so that Tandin can retreat with the others.

King Rash is still in power, but this is a big win for the rebels. The've rescued the king, gotten the general on their side, and the crowds were calling for Separatist expulsion. Nothing could possibly go wrong now, right? Well, we've got one more Onderon episode to go before we can declare the Jedi's proxy war a success. We'll be watching Ahsoka to see just how happy she is by the end of it.


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