In the late 1970s, Italy flooded the world with awesome Star Wars knock-offs, but the greatest may be 1979's Star Odyssey. What other movie features pilots making strangulated gurgles when their ships are hit?

I love the way that one guy jumps over the prone body of the superior officer his buddy has just decked, and then pirrhouttes as if to say, "Ha cha cha!"

Other things I love: the nebbishy robot who's sort of R2D2 crossed with C-3PO, the disco-bots who chase the heroine until a door closes and then just sort of shrug and wander off as if to say, "What can you do? It's a door!" The Darth Vader-wannabe with the really really bad acne and flowy creamy hair, saying things like, "Blast it!"


As you can tell, Star Odyssey reuses costumes, props and whole set pieces from War Of The Robots, which we featured not long ago. Once again, you have the army of lightsaber-wielding androgynous disco-bots, fighting humans with bad hair and sucky jumpsuits. This installment in the unofficial Spaghetti Space Opera series, however, is so bad that it makes this movie's older mentor figure clutch his head. Wouldn't you?