Noah Schnapp From Stranger Things Hates His Character's Haircut

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers.
Noah Schnapp as Will Byers.
Image: Netflix

So much.

Noah Schnapp is known for playing Will Byers on Stranger Things. Even with his career picking up outside the show, he’s still most recognizable as Will, with one particular detail sticking out above the others: Will’s terrible, incredibly ‘80s bowl cut. And Noah is absolutely not a fan.

As he revealed earlier this week during an appearance on The Tonight Show, Schnapp really hates Will’s weird haircut, which makes the boy look younger than he is and honestly kinda silly. As Schnapp told Fallon, he’s pretty regularly suggested to the folk in charge of the show that Will should lose the hair.

“One of the worst,” Schnapp said. “I can’t begin to explain. I literally ask them all the time, ‘Why doesn’t Will, maybe he shaves his head?’ But really, did everyone have that haircut in the ‘80s? Who would choose to have that haircut?”


Will would. Or, maybe, his mom. We’ll learn the fate of Will’s hair when he returns for Stranger Things season 4, which has no release date yet.

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Jerk Dently

I don’t remember many kids having that haircut. Maybe it was more of a midwest thing?