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So when making a movie when one of the characters is half naked for most of the film, when do the discussions about "just how big is too big" start? Movie Web had a chance to ask the director Zack Snyder all about Dr. Manhattan's man-parts along with a lot of other pressing Watchmen questions. Plus a few details on the 25 minutes of Watchmen that were screened for journalists in LA last night. Spoilers below!So how does one get down to the business that is Dr. Manhattan's business? Snyder explained:

“It was a weird process. We made a wedge. That’s a visual effects term. It was done in quick time. We would scroll the length up and down. And we wrapped it around a frame. Of course we were worried about the rating. Yeah. We are still nervous about it. It wasn’t so much about taking any inches off. It was more about how many times you get to see him. We have an R rating right now. So they’ve seen him. Maybe, partly because he is CG, they thought it was okay. It was a really practical decision to make it that length. Then we put him in the thong, which is CG. We basically took his outfit from the book. But, as in the book, we took it off him. Because he just lets it go. He certainly lets it all hang out.


Let's address the ridiculousness that is a Watchmen 2 movie. Sure a few actors said, "why not?" — which does not mean it's happening. But if it does, Snyder is out. Thank god he knows his limits. Warner Brothers is moving forward with the promotion of the film, and despite the impending lawsuit from Fox, it's all just business as usual. Great but most importantly how long is the Watchmen movie? According to Movie Web, about two hours and forty-three minutes. So for those of you thinking about drinking liquids beforehand — don't. Thanks to Collider, we have a few details on the 25 minutes of footage that was screened in LA. It included the big fight with the Comedian with a bit more violence than in the pages of Alan Moore's book. Then the credits roll, and tell you the history of the Watchmen in news clippings, music and pictures. The audience got to see Dr. Manhattan's transformation and so far everything is getting stellar reviews. Collider described the experience as, "I never, ever thought I’d see Dr. Manhattan on a movie screen, and I never thought I’d see a filmmaker capture the feeling of being in the comic, going back and forth in time, experiencing what it would be like to be inside Manhattan’s head. But Zack did it. And it was awesome." The next scenes was the great rescue of Rorscach from prison, with the help of Dan and Laurie. It sounds like more bad-boy action for Rorscach and more fight scenes. People are calling it graphic, deserving of its R rating in the best way possible, and epic. Read the rest of the reaction at Collider. [Movie Web and Collider]


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