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No, This Inhumans Poster Does Not Mean the Show Is Cancelled...Yet

Image: ABC
Image: ABC

Marvel and ABC’s beleaguered Inhumans series can’t seem to catch a break. Though the series doesn’t actually start airing on network television until next Friday, the ad copy on a new poster for the show has a number of people speculating that Inhumans won’t see a second season.


Ahead of Inhumans’ September 29th premiere, there’s been a lot of renewed interest in the specific verbiage at the bottom of a poster promoting the show. Though Inhumans is at first described as being “the first chapter,” the poster also refers to it as the “complete series,” which has led some to believe that this is to be the show’s first and only season.

Image: ABC
Image: ABC

While the orientation and layout of this ad may be new, it should be noted that it’s just a differently-organized version of promotional art that ABC has been using as far back as June that also calls the show the “complete series.” An earlier teaser poster merely describes it “a Marvel television series,” but the change doesn’t necessarily mean that ABC or Marvel have already axed Inhumans. The wording seems more likely to be related to the show premiering in theaters, with a “complete” run of the series happening on TV.

So while this poster isn’t new and isn’t an indication that Inhumans is already cancelled, there are still a number of things that would suggest that Inhumans’ future may be in peril. Not only was Inhumans initially planned to be a full-on film before it was turned into a TV series, it became a TV series that was moved to a dreaded Friday night slot that, historically, has been reserved for shows that don’t last all that long. Also, Inhumans’ reviews have been largely negative, which is unfortunate, because there are a lot of solid ideas at work within the show. It’s just that the execution falls largely flat.

If Inhumans turns out to be a one and done affair, it’s almost certain that it won’t be the fate that ABC and Marvel originally had for the project, but with as many comics-related TV and streaming projects as they’re juggling, perhaps one season is for the best.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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What a fucking blown opportunity Inhumans was.

I’m convinced this could have been an exceptional movie in Phase 3. There are great characters with an awesome story to tell. But the handling of the TV treatment has squandered what could have been a highly profitable element of the MCU.

Whoever allowed this dumbed down, watered down, “grounded” approach to make it into IMAX theaters with the level of hype it had attached to it was insane. This thing released on IMAX made not a fucking blip in the moviegoing conscious. And the TV hype is nearly non existent now.

What could have been?

Imagine Guillermo Del Toro at the helm of a 200 million dollar epic featuring characters that sprang from Jack Kirby’s imagination? Do you think his version of Triton would have underwhelmed the audience? Can you imagine his take on the glorious Kirby designed costumes? Medusa’s hair?! Lockjaw?! He would have gone to town creating the weird world of the Inhumans. The story could tie in nicely with what is being built with Captain Marvel since the Inhumans have free roots. Shit, maybe that would have been the time to bring in some AOS players since they laid the groundwork for Inhumans in the first place. Wishful thinking.

I don’t know the details of the politics that lead the the fracture that ended the Inhumans big screen chances. But I do know that Marvel Studios should never allow potentially millions and millions of dollars to be squandered over their internal struggles.

The TV show should have never been made. These characters deserved top shelf treatment. They did not deserve to be the result of a failed pissing contest.