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No, that Awful Comedian from Gotham Isn't the Joker

Illustration for article titled No, that Awful Comedian from emGotham/em Isnt the Joker

The Gotham panel at New York Comic Con revealed a number of juicy tidbits to look forward to this season, but one of the bigger moments was executive producer Danny Cannon seemingly cutting down a fan theory about the Joker's appearance in the pilot.


Asked if the awful comedian we saw in Fish Mooney's place in the pilot was The Killing Joke Joker, Cannon paused a long time before saying that they're going "way, way back" for their version of the Joker, and that he "probably isn't telling jokes yet."

As for the show's glut of villains in the show, Cannon told the audience to look out for Victor Zsasz in episode 7 and Harvey Dent in episode 9. Every question about upcoming villains was preceded by Cannon pausing for a long time, which could mean anything. Asked about Harley Quinn, Cannon merely said that he'd like to see all of the characters, and added that characters Bruce's age are harder to work in. Asked if the Council of Owls will show up, Cannon paused some more and hinted that they may be more of a season 2 plan, assuming they get one. He also commented on the obvious "Penguins eat Fish (Mooney)" pun to be made from those characters, saying that he couldn't give too much away, but "Yes, a Machiavellian rise to fame" is in store for Cobblepot.

Illustration for article titled No, that Awful Comedian from emGotham/em Isnt the Joker

Also on hand to answer questions were Ben MacKenzie (Jim Gordon), Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock), Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) and Erin Richards (Barbara Kean). Richards said a triangle will develop between Barbara, Jim, and Montoya, with Montoya knowing secrets that Barbara's keeping from Jim.

Of the new information we got at the panel, a lot of it concerned Alfred, a character we've only seen a little bit of so far. Pertwee said, "Just because he's the valet of young Master Bruce doesn't mean he has any particular parenting skills as you will see. And they get worse." Pertwee's reference to Alfred's parenting skills may have to do with a tease from episode 8 that Cannon gave, which he says has a "beautiful moment" with this dialogue:

Bruce: I'm angry all the time. Will that anger stop?

Alfred: I don't know.

Bruce: Will you teach me to fight?

(And there's a long pause.)

The last Alfred teaser came from Logue, who cackled gleefully as he answered a question about whether characters who haven't interacted would start to, giving Alfred and Fish Mooney as an example with, " Funny you should say that. I don't want to give any spoilers, but Alfred goes off!" And even though that seemed to say everything, the panel refused to confirm who Alfred goes off on. But they did say he gets out of the manor for it and Logue's reaction seems to indicate that Bullock is at least there, if not the target. But we were told that the reason Alfred's in charge of Bruce is "because he's a badass."


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Has Gotham improved from the pilot at all? I was turned off by the delivery, pacing and the writing, particularly the blatant, "in your face" way that most of the traditional Batman characters were introduced.