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Ever since Halloween, horror movies and holidays (and special occasions, like Graduation Day) have gone together like razor blades and candy bars. Now there’s an anthology film that takes its cue from that, or at the very least from Eli Roth’s fake Thanksgiving trailer for Grindhouse. It’s titled, of course, Holidays.

The nine contributing filmmakers include Kevin Smith, Gary Shore (Dracula Untold), and Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact). The holidays appear to encompass Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Halloween, and what looks like Axe Murder Day, which could apply to any of the above in this context.

Holidays just got picked up for distribution, and will arrive on VOD the day after its April 14 premiere screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, followed by a theatrical release on April 22.


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