No One's Kicking BigDog, Now That This Robot Has Horns

BigDog has been weaponized, with gigantic freaking bull horns. You remember that scary-as-hell walking military bot, whose owners videotaped themselves slo-mo kicking the crap out of him? Now BigDog will have revenge.

I'm actually very curious about who decided to put horns on Boston Dynamics' quadrupedal robot, and whether they considered the possibility of a horned robot uprising. Also, if you haven't seen this earlier video of BigDog Beta, I encourage you to do so — especially when the cameras catch him getting busy in the park with a couple of bystanders.

[via Gizmodo]

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I believe at 1:13 BD beta is attempting to do the Kid 'n' Play. This is the most sophisticated advance in robotics since Hans Moravec perfected a unit that could perform a perfect Electric Slide and then the Inspector Gadget.

Can Windmills and Pumping Turtle Floats be far behind?

Truly, we live in exciting times