Image: Paramount

At the start of Star Trek Beyond, it’s clear that Kirk is tired of being on the Enterprise. In this deleted scene, the crew of the Enterprise seems to be tired of him, too.

In the movie, the crew disembarks from their ship at Starbase Yorktown. Sulu goes off with his husband and child, Spock and Uhura have a tête-à-tête about their relationship, and Bones makes fun of Spock, but Kirk and Scotty don’t have a moment.


Well, they do, it was just deleted. Poor Kirk asks Scotty to have a drink with him, ends up rejected for a date the engineer’s got lined up. And then Keenser hits him with acid snot. Bad day all around for the captain.

That said, I kind of wish Scotty were blowing off Kirk for what the show said was his favorite way of relaxing: reading technical manuals. That would be an even sadder thing to come second to.


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