No One Wants an Arachnophobia Remake, But James Wan Is Giving Us One Anyway

Here’s a kitten kicking a robotic spider’s ass, because it’s what we all want.
Image: The Wampa Kitty (YouTube)

Arachnophobia is one of those movies that gets scarier the less you remember it. Because you want to forget. Because it’s giant spiders. Sadly, Amblin Entertainment won’t let us forget, as it has teamed up with Aquaman director James Wan to remake the 1990 horror comedy.

As reported by Deadline, Amblin and Wan’s Atomic Monster production company are in the “early stages” of remaking Arachnophobia, a.k.a that movie a generation of dads made a generation of us watch and literally none of us care to relive the memories. Directed by Frank Marshall, the film of evil is about killer spiders that are giant and creepy and nobody likes them or wants to look at them. It’s up to a family physician (Jeff Daniels) and a bug exterminator (John Goodman) to kill the hybrid queen spider and her killer spider army because the creepy crawlers are taking over the world.

Deadline adds that Wan—who is definitely skilled at horror—won’t be directing the film, simply serving as a producer, and the companies are currently searching for a writer. Whoever they narrow it down to should take their laptop and hurl it directly into the sun. No one wants to read those words. About giant spiders. Because it’s giant spiders.



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Remember how the TV ads for Arachnophobia made it look like a Ghostbusters-style comedy about a wacky exterminator hunting spiders?