If you're hoping for a movie spin-off to follow the final season of Battlestar Galactica, you may be waiting for a long time, according to show-runner Ronald D. Moore. But the long-discussed Caprica prequel? Expect that onscreen next season. More on the lack of future, but definite past, of Sci Fi Channel's best show under the jump.

According to Moore, the final season of BSG will tie up the majority of dangling plotlines from the show's previous three seasons, negating the need for any big-screen follow-up. His reason for that? Seeing what happened to Star Trek: The Next Generation when it made the jump to the multiplex:

"I think [Battlestar Galactica] works best as an ensemble TV drama...If it translated into a feature it would be a different animal."

Moore said he's been that route with Star Trek and found that the movies become focused on one or two characters with the rest of the show's characters mostly fading into the background. He said the "Next Generation" movies ended up focusing on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data. The others, Moore said, did "one scene for their character and the rest of the time they were essentially support to Patrick (Stewart) and Brent (Spiner)."


But while Moore was closing off one hope of future Galactica, the Sci Fi Channel's upfront presentation to advertisers officially announced a return to Galactica's past. Caprica, the long-discussed prequel to the show set 50 years before the destruction of the 12 colonies, was officially announced as a two hour backdoor pilot for a potential future series. The pilot will begin production in the spring. Battlestar to stick to the small screen [Hollywood Reporter]
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