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The latest Terminator skirmish is over, without dramatic gunfights and explosions. We'd be disappointed, except this isn't an episode of Sarah Connor we're talking about, but the lawsuit surrounding the rights ownership of Terminator: Salvation.


Variety report that the lawsuit (which we reported on last month) has been settled out of court, although details of the settlement have not been released and no parties involved have been available to comment on it. The lawsuit was brought by producer Moritz Borman, who was suing fellow producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, as well as production company Halcyon, for breach of contract and unpaid fees, seeking $160 million in damages.


The lawsuit alleged that Borman wouldn't have allowed Anderson and Kubicek to take on the Terminator rights had he known how "shady" they were; while the legal action was unlikely to have threatened release of the movie itself, the settlement means that Warners have one less worry when it comes to Salvation's success. Now, if they could only sort out that PG-13 rating...

'Terminator' lawsuit settled [Variety]

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