No More Butterfly Effects Please

Get ready for a third installment of the eye fluttering, mind seizing time traveling adventures of bad actors in The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations. Spawned from the first Butterfly Effect starring Hollywood dim-bulb Aston Kutcher. The original followed Kutcher who could convulse himself into the past, thus altering his future and saving his lady love. The sequel followed the same premise (boy travels back in time and gets bad nose bleeds to save girl) and Revelations sounds like more of the same, but this time the main character unleashes a serial killer on the world. Why do they keep making these direct to DVD movies when it so clearly could be another terrible WB series? Click through for more details on BE3.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Existence director Anthony Leonardi the III is in negotiations to direct said Butterfly flick. The script has been penned by Holly Brix. If the Butterflies follow the Karate Kid rule of 3, it looks like we should be getting a she-nose bleeding seizing time traveler in no time.


[Bloody Disgusting]

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