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Last-humans-on-the-run-from-robots show Battlestar Galactica may not wrap up all its stray plots in its fourth season after all. BSG has already gotten the green light to film three more TV movies, along the lines of last fall's Razor, after the season ends, claims one science fiction podcast.


The Doctor and Mrs. Who radio show host Jim Laccino cited inside sources claiming there will be a series of movies following up on season 4 of BSG. The movies will go into production over the summer and will include some of the original cast. He speculates that we'll see one of them by the end of the year. And he reminded us that actress Mary McDonnell did say that this was not the last we'd see of BSG (but is the last of the one-hour show). If that's true, and we have our doubts, no thanks. Let good work end on the artists' terms and not to continue to line corporate pockets.

Also the host says he's heard from his sources that BSG prequel Caprica will be greenlit for a series well before they air the backdoor pilot TV movie. [Dr. And Mrs. Who via Galactica Site Rep]

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